Information Systems

The Information Systems Director is responsible for the execution of the following projects:

  • Reports directly to the Vice-President of Internal Affairs.
  • Assumes the management of and provides direction to the IT committee for ADVANCE.
  • Responsible for continual updating and maintaining of the ADVANCE website.
  • Maintains ADVANCE listserv and Blackboard group.
  • Conducts regular meetings of Information Systems staff, delegate assignments and follows through to completion of assignments.
  • Prepares and presents presentations for events and workshops, and Annual Report as required.
  • Responsible for, in conjunction with the Marketing Department, the development/compilation of an electronic ADVANCE quarterly newsletter.
  • Responsible for collaborating with the Senior Director of Human Resources to update and maintain the ADVANCE Directory and Listserv.
  • Takes the initiative to establish and execute (upon approval) additional goals and objectives.
  • Completes other duties as assigned.