The Marketing Director is responsible for the execution of the following projects and duties:

  • Reports directly to the Vice-President of External Affairs.
  • Designs flyers for all programs after approval.
  • Responsible for duplicating and distributing flyers across campus.
  • Coordinates mailings for marketing purposes.
  • Conducts recruiting drive with Human Resources Director.
  • Creates an ADVANCE Public Services Announcement for use on radio, television, and publications.
  • Designs layout for ADVANCE shirts.
  • Arranges for pictures to be taken of Executive Board members.
  • Monitors the videotaping of each program.
  • Produces an ADVANCE video.
  • Responsible for, in conjunction with the Information Systems Department, the development/compilation of an electronic ADVANCE quarterly newsletter.
  • Takes the initiative to establish and execute (upon approval) additional goals and objectives.
  • Completes other duties as assigned.