The Program Director is responsible for the execution of the following projects:

  • Reports directly to the Vice-President of External Affairs.
  • Proposes the schedule of programs and activities for the academic year.
  • Coordinates the logistics of all programs including securing facilities and equipment for programs and designing room setup.
  • Secures the Speaker profile form from the presenter in time to prepare an introduction of the speaker.
  • Prepares and rehearses introduction of the speaker.
  • Thanks speaker at the conclusion of his/her presentation.
  • Announces upcoming programs to ADVANCE community.
  • Establishes the Welcome Committee that will arrive twenty (20) minutes before each meeting to greet the guest speakers and ADVANCE participants. Committee's tasks are to make everyone feel welcomed and wanted. Theyshould offer to take coats from everyone. They must also wait for everyone to leave. Also, they should invite individuals to the next program. (This effort may be assisted by the Marketing Department.)
  • Collects the Program Evaluation from individuals at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Makes sure that facilities are clean and neat before leaving.
  • Takes the initiative to establish and execute (upon approval) addition goals and objectives.
  • Completes other duties as assigned.