CCM Tribunal

About the CCM Tribunal

CCM Tribunal is the undergraduate student government group concerned with improving student life at CCM. Tribunal organizes a wide range of activities and acts as a link between the students, faculty, and administration of CCM.

Tribunal meets every Tuesday at 6:15 PM in 4219 Mary Emery Hall. Meetings last approximately one hour, though members are expected to assist with concessions sales at one Mainstage Performance, per semester. Anyone is welcome to join at any time during the school year. Students are eligible to become members after attending two meetings.

Tribunal activities include:

  • Social events that include all of CCM
  • Community Service Projects
  • Organizing a quarterly Dean's Forum, in which the dean takes questions and addresses concerns from the student body
  • Bringing in guest speakers and performers
  • Increasing communication between the students, faculty, and administration
  • Working in a variety of other ways to improve life at CCM