• SG Senate meets every Wednesday during Fall & Spring semesters in TUC 425 at 6pm.
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Student Government is here to improve the student experience at the University of Cincinnati. It is composed of five main parts:

  • Executive Board - Composed of five elected officers, this body leads the several branches of Student Government.
  • Senate - Senate is the legislative assembly of SG. They debate, propose, and vote on bills impacting the student body.
  • Cabinet - Cabinet and the executive staff carry out initiatives and projects directly affecting students.
  • Boards - Oversee various areas of student life, including safety, student organizations, and organization funding.
  • Tribunals - Governing bodies within each college (such as DAAP, CAHS, CEAS, etc.) at UC.

The Beer | Shah Platform is all about serving and reaching out to students.  With several ongoing projects and strong initiatives to improve campus life.  These include increased research at the university, expanding collaboration between colleges, and increasing campus engergy efficiency.

Student Government is proud to serve you, the students of UC. If you could a possible way to change UC for the better, submit feedback, or talk to a Student Government representative.

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