Cabinet exists as the executive branch of the undergraduate student government. Its main role is to carry out the agenda of the elected Student Body Officers.

Members of Cabinet are appointed by the President and Vice President to work with administrators and public officials to improve the quality of life for students at the University of Cincinnati . Positions on Cabinet have varying degrees of responsibility including: committee members, Directors, and three Associate Vice President's (AVP) who report directly to the Vice President of the Student Body.

Cabinet is broken down into three general sections headed by an AVP: Campus Relations, Community Relations, and Special Interests. Campus relations will be working on improving campus life and making student life better. Community Relations will be working on improving life off campus and working with members of the community. Special Interests will focus on getting all students' voices heard.

Like the Senate, Cabinet serves as a line of communication to administration for students and groups with which they affiliate. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the director in the area which you are interested. The specific committees, directors, and their AVP are listed on the committees link.