College Tribunals

Article II, Title II Section 5 of the Student Government Constitution states:

“The individual colleges shall have representative bodies collectively known as College Tribunals, which under the jurisdiction of Student Senate shall have the name and powers as specified in their respective constitutions and shall govern organizations within their colleges.”

Present in each respective University of Cincinnati college, tribunals are key self-governing representative organization for the undergraduate student body.

The following tribunals are active in its respective college:

Tribunal meetings are open to all members of the student body. Participation in your college’s tribunal is a valuable opportunity to learn about the latest happenings at your respective college, as well as network with other students and alumni within your academic field. Some tribunals also oversee its college’s career fair, community service activities, and other involvement opportunities.

Most tribunals hold weekly meetings located in its respective college. For more information on when your tribunal holds its meetings, please contact the Internal Holdover Senator