Election Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to make all EFC rulings and interpretations publicly transparent, we have launched this page to post the answers to any questions asked of the Elections Facilitations Committee.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email efc [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu

Q: Is it considered endorsement if student groups and departments highlights the fact that a member of their group is running in the 2013 Study Body Elections on social media?

A: EFC advises against student groups and departmens from affiliating with a campaign, it is up to the candidates to ask the organizations to limit social media use. 


Q: As a candidate can I like, favorite, or retweet other candidates information on social media?

A: EFC advises candidates against engaging with other candidates on social media as it might imply endorsement, especially official campaign social media accounts. 


Q: In Title 3, Section 1, Point 3, Letter B of the 2013 Election Rules and Outline, what does "individuals' funds" include?

A: "Individuals' funds" includes any money donated to your campaign from indviduals' personal bank accounts. 


Q: Can campaign workers wear campaign apparel or 'swag' at their university job?

A: The campaign workers should ask their supervisor permission before wearing any campaign apparel or 'swag'.


Q: When it comes to hanging posters, what are the acceptable tools? The Rules and Outline state that no adhesives can be used; does this mean that no tape can be used anywhere to hang posters on campus? And if so, are there any other acceptable tools beside tacks and staples?

A: Please just follow the posting rules for wherever you are posting your campaign materials. If you are using tape make sure that when removed it doesn't leave a residue.


Q: In the EFC Rules and Outline it says that appeals for decisions made by the EFC are to be submitted to the Speaker of Senate. Since the current Speaker of Senate is involved with the election, to whom should I submit the appeals? 

A: Grievance appeals for decisions made by EFC should be submitted to the Internal Holdover Senator Rachel Roberts (roberrd [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu). 


Q: Are we allowed to hang banners or place yard signs at Greek houses?

A: EFC has decided that this would imply endorsement from a student organization. EFC has discussed this topic with our advisor and believe to be completely fair to all the candidates, we need to restrict these events due to some housing being university owned and others not.


Q: Are we allowed to use university-owned listservs to advertise our candidacy? 

A: With regard to sending out campaign material over any University of Cincinnati owned listserv, EFC has decided to restrict this as it would imply endorsement. 


Q: Am I allowed to add workers to my campaign team after I have already submitted my packet? 

A: No.  


Q: If we were to reserve a space on UC's campus, can we reserve it as a member of Student Government? 

A: EFC is allowing candidates to reserve space as a member of Student Government; HOWEVER, if any bills are charged for the event (i.e. security, trash, etc.)  you and your campaign are FULLY responsible for the payment of those bills.  Please check with campus scheduling to verify if anything will be charged for your event.