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Taking UC to the Next Level




Increase research at the university

The University of Cincinnati is a top research institution, but these opportunities are not always articulated to students. By creating a single, online database of ongoing research and student opportunities, we will increase participation in research among all colleges.


Encourage the use of more eTextbooks

To save students money, we will work with all colleges to receive a commitment from professors to utilize more eTextbooks in their classrooms.


Networking events with professors and TAs

Sponsor informal events, such as cookouts, to promote more personal relationships with professors and TAs and to show appreciation for those who most influence our education.


Commitment from Cincinnati companies to look at UC students first

"Cincinnati First", created years ago but never launched, will bring UC students to the attention of Cincinnati-based companies. This will be achieved through presentations to executives to showcase the successes of our university and the benefit of our students to each organization.





Student bus trips to Big East and NCAA Tournaments

Our student's pride expands beyond the borders of campus. We want to organize trips in order to help you travel to support our teams in their most important games.


Nippert Promise

We have occupied Nippert Stadium since 1924, so why stop now? You have told us that you love our historic venue and prefer to keep the games in Nippert, rather than Paul Brown Stadium. We want to make sure that your voice is heard.


Host a Pep Rally each semester

What better way is there to show our Bearcat Pride than bringing together our students, athletes, and spirit groups all in one place? We want you to help us celebrate our past successes and kick-off our quest for conference championships.


Sing our Alma Mater with athletic teams

Ever wonder why some students stay after games and sing our Alma Mater? Did you ever wish that you could share in this experience with our student-athletes? We want to bring the student section and the student-athletes together through the singing of our Alma Mater after all sporting events.





Commitment to a more diverse Cabinet

Cabinet members are appointed by the Student Body President and Vice President. If elected, we will commit to appointing a more diverse Cabinet, as we believe in having ALL students represented and ALL voices heard.


International student trips to Chicago, New York City and Washington DC

Collaborate with UC International Office to organize these trips to afford all international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the American culture and truly get the most out of their collegiate time here.


International Student Mentorship Program

Mentors are vital to international students. This is why we plan to collaborate between all existing mentoring groups to create one effective organization that will enhance the collegiate experience of both the mentor and the mentee.


Implementation of MainStreet Pride

What makes UC one of the top universities in America is our supportive Bearcat community. Starting next year, MainStreet Pride will be an annual LGBTQ Pride Parade where all students can come together to celebrate diversity as one united student body.


Focus on recruitment diversity

Diversity is exceedingly important to both the university and to us. This is why we will work closely with the admission's department to recruit the best and the brightest diverse students from all around.


Mental Health Awareness

Create an environment that creates a sound mind through mental health awareness.





Increase student involvement after first year

Research shows that involved students are more likely to succeed after graduation. We want to raise the number of students involved in co-curricular activities in order to produce highly qualified graduates.


Expand collaboration between colleges

The real-world is full of interdisciplinary interactions; we believe that the college experience should be, too. We will work to increase the amount of academic collaboration between colleges and programs so our students are as prepared as possible.


Improve the quality of co-op services

By increasing the quality of the Professional Practice office, we will help students obtain better co-op jobs, which will lead to better experiences and full-time offers.


Increase transparency by sending monthly email newsletters

We want you to know what Student Government is doing so that you can tell us what you need. We will update you each month and make the feedback process easier.


Implement Welcome Week Cincinnati Tour

Many of our students hail from outside the Cincinnati area; we will work with the BTS to start tours of the city so that our students get the full Cincinnati experience.





Institute GPS Safety Fobs that immediately notify UCPD when triggered

Available to all students, each safety key fob is equipped with a GPS to send your exact location to UCPD when button is activated. This will reduce crime and allow for an immediate response if ever you feel unsafe on or off-campus.


Expand the reach of campus with more lighting, cameras, and signage

Safety is always on the minds of the UC community and, most recently, President Ono and our administration have made significant improvements to these efforts by installing 5 cameras and 60 lights in the surrounding neighborhoods. While this is a terrific start, there is still a great deal of work to be done. Our plan of attack is to increase the number of cameras, expand lighting to the many streets that were not initially included in President Ono's latest initiative, post signage to signify that these streets are a part of UC, and install help phones outside of the campus.


Ensure student housing is up to code through Landlord Accreditation Program

Student's safety inside of their homes is just as important as outside. Through routine pass/fail checks of all on-campus and off-campus housing, all student living will remain up to code.


Facilitate and maintain successful partnership with Cincinnati Police

The University of Cincinnati is currently split up between several districts. We will work with the Cincinnati Police Department to redistrict our campus area into one in order to provide the safest experience possible for our students.





Environmental literacy program commitment

As campus leaders, we want to increase UC students' knowledge in sustainability. This is why we pledge to complete the environmental literacy program by our graduation. This program is open to all students, and we will work with the FYLP program to have their members complete the program as well, increasing the number of environmentally literate campus leaders.


Bring local, fresh food to campus

We believe that UC students deserve a good, healthy meal. Student government will work with Aramark to sell and use more locally purchased fresh food in dining halls and elsewhere on campus. We also recognize the hard work students have already put towards making local food a reality on campus. This is why we support the student initiative to ask Aramark to complete the "Real Food Calculator" – asking universities to track the source and quality of their food purchases.


Improve campus energy efficiency

While in the residence halls themselves, Joe and Jaclyn competed in the Campus Conservation Nationals energy efficiency competition, but now, they would like to see these efficiencies institutionalized. Student Government will work with UC to implement hand dryers (to replace paper towels), install automatic light switches, and upgrade toilets and showers to low-flow models.


Decrease student carbon footprint

With many UC students commuting and driving to co-ops or internships, a great deal of pollution is emitted from traveling to and from campus. To lessen our environmental impact, we will set up a University of Cincinnati-based carpool program. This web-based program would allow students to sign up for carpools, saving time, money, and the environment all at once.