Getting Involved

Are you interested in getting involved with Student Government? Want to make a tangible difference on campus? Don't know how to get started?

The easiest way to get involved is to join a Senate committee. All committee meetings are open to any student, and you will be able to provide input on important Student Government initiatives on Day 1. You can also run in an election to be a College Senator or At-Large Senator, which are permanent positions on Student Senate.

Roles and Responsibilities of College Senators

Two College Senators are elected by their standing Tribunals within each college at the University (CECH, CEAS, CCM, DAAP, Lindner, CAHS, Nursing, A&S, Blue Ash, and Clermont). These Senators are the official representatives of their college Tribunals and are meant to act in the best interest of those they represent.

Mandated by the Student Senate, these Senators are required to complete 6 office hours per week (or a total of 30 per quarter) either within the Student Government office related to Student Government events or by attending events and meetings within their own college. These Senators are required to attend the Student Senate meetings as well as their own College Tribunal meetings. These Senators must maintain a 2.5 GPA (unless higher mandated by the College's own Tribunal).

Roles and Responsibilities of At-Large Senators

There are eight Senators who are elected at-large, by the student body during Spring Election Week (last 2 weeks of February). The mission of these student Senators is to represent the beliefs of the student body as a whole. These Senators are also required to perform 6 office hours per week while remaining in good academic standing.

They are required to attend the weekly Senate meetings but are not required to attend any of the Tribunal meetings from their respective colleges, however it is greatly encouraged that these students attend many diverse student group meetings and use these interactions as an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the wants and needs of the general populous of the student body.

View the current Student Senate roster and don't hesitate to contact any member if you're interested in learning more.