Start A Student Group

  1. To register your group visit the SALD homepage and select “Student Organization Registration Portal” which is located on the left side tool bar after clicking “Get Active!”. From there click Student Group Registration Login.  (whether starting a new group or reregistering an existing group). Or Click Here
  2. Criteria for starting a new student group :
    • The group must fill a need for students not currently being met by an existing organization on campus (check Activus, available in 455 Steger Student Life Center, for current list of registered student groups).
    • The group must complete the Online Registration Form. The form must include (among other things):
      • An original, specific purpose statement
      • 10+ undergraduate members
      • Contact information AND signatures from (4) Executives and (1) Advisor
    • The group must submit a constitution and bylaws that are consistent with University policy and are specific to the registering student group, but still shows the uniqueness of your group.
      • In your By-laws you must put a non-discrimination clause, no-hazing clause or else your registration will be rejected until that is fixed.
    • The group must submit a 10+ member roster. The listed members must:
      • Be registered undergraduate students of the University
      • Include Student ID (6+2 student ID).
      • Have the M numbers for all your members as well.
  3. Please submit the completed form online, along with appropriate preparation, for review by the Student Activities Board.

Note: In order to be eligible to receive funding from the Undergraduate Funding Board, a student group must specify within its bylaws that "dues will not be charged to members ($0)". However, all funding matters are ultimately determined by the Undergraduate Funding Board.

Any questions? Feel free to contact the Student Activities Board (via phone, sab [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu (email), or in person at 655 Steger Student Life Center).