First Year Experience: The Gateway to Student Government Involvement

The First Year Experience (FYE) Student Government Internship is how new students at the University of Cincinnati can have an impact on their university. The program pairs new students with current Student Government members in their expressed area of interest. They then work with these student government members on initiatives that they create together. 


Student Government “It’s Your Call” Campaign

Voting in local, state, and federal elections is part of what gives a citizen his or her voice. It is especially important that students retain their right to vote while away at school. This upcoming fall, UC Student Government will continue an initiative that was a huge success in the autumn quarter of 2008, called the “It’s Your Call” campaign. The campaign’s goal is to register students to vote in the UC area during the first few weeks of the quarter, which would then allow them to vote in Clifton during the November 2nd  elections. 


2010 Election Results

Presidential Slate
Slate 59 - Drew Smith and Mark Rooney

Senatorial Race
Candidate L - Lane Hart
Candidate A - Dana Richman
Candidate P - Chase Whitehead
Candidate C - Michael Linger
Candidate G - Philip Dinovo
Candidate M - Riley Quinn
Candidate H - Derek Volmering
Candidate J - Andres Lopez-Montoya

Spring Election Candidates

Slate 47 - Martin Jarvis, and Chris Carey
Slate 59 - Drew Smith, and Mark Rooney


A - Dana Richman
B - Jacob Thaxton
C - Michael Linger
D - Keenen Maull
E - Kevin Hitt
G - Philip Donovo
H - Derek Volmering
I - John Bruns
J - Andres Lopez-Montoya
L - Lane Hart
M - Riley Quinn
N - Dawone Holloway
O - John Reulbach
P - Chase Whitehead
Q - Julia Cahill

Official Student Bus Trip to the Sugar Bowl

The UC Alumni Association, in conjunction with UC Athletics, the Student Alumni Council and UC Student Affairs, has prepared a STUDENT BUS TRIP for UC's trip to the Sugar Bowl.

The buses will leave on Wednesday, December 30 at 8:30pm, arriving in New Orleans at approximately 1:00pm on Thursday, December 31. The buses will depart New Orleans in the morning on Saturday, January 2 and arrive back in Cincinnati late January 2 or early on Sunday, January 3.


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