A Fresh Perspective

With weeks blurring by to the end of the semester, I reflect on my first semester in college. I have never experienced quarters but the transition was still rough. Semesters definitely seem hefty incontent to be tested over at the duration. For the past fifteen weeks it seemed that the semester would never end, until the week before finals rolled around and exams seemed to be approaching way too quickly.

Adjusting to college classes was not difficult for me but I had never experienced 400 person classes until now. Expectations definitely increased and the responsibility is on you to keep up. In high school, a syllabus for a class was just a general synopsis of the class. In college, it seems that the syllabus is the complete guide to the class where every class is scheduled out and rarely ever is there deviation from the schedule; whether you’re ready for the exam or not, it’s coming.

Life on campus has been a strange experience. For many it is the first taste of freedom, which I have seen to be both good and bad. From my usual perch at the top of Starbucks at Steger I have
witnessed many conversations from various people and seen much change as the weeks rolled by. As my fellow first years have grown accustomed to college life they have grown individually.

The first semester has come to pass (hopefully we have as well) and one half of the school year is over. I look forward to spring semester and a new schedule at UC. UC has been a fantastic university thus far and even though it’s only been one semester, I am proud to be a Bearcat.

-Brian Hunt, First-Year Biochemistry