Bearcats Know How to Party…Smart!

Did you know that 96% of Bearcats Party Smart? Or that 77% of UC students choose to use a designated driver? You may have seen the Bearcats Party Smart posters around campus, but what are they really all about? The Party Smart Initiative is a collaborative effort across campus to educate students about alcohol, to help correct alcohol misperceptions, and to offer students who do choose to drink the resources to help them drink responsibly. There are a lot of misperceptions about alcohol on campus, including that you have to get wasted to have a good time or that everyone drinks. The reality is, the majority of Bearcats Party Smart and drink responsibly; meaning they do a variety of things, including keeping track of their drinks, going out and coming home with the same group of friends, not playing drinking games, and not drinking and driving. Another component of the Party Smart Initiative is the Party Smart Kit. Party Smart Kits are designed to help students who are hosting off-campus parties have fun while providing resources and tools to have a successful and responsible party. Party Smart Kits include a cooler carrying case, a guide to a safe and successful party, trash bags for cleanup and much more! Are you planning an off-campus party? If so, pick up your Party Smart Kit in the Student Wellness Center, 675 Steger Student Life Center. To learn more about Party Smart check out the website at