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Opening Doors at UC 

Owning the Urban Campus

Create ways of getting you to and from Paul Brown Stadium and tailgating options for next year’s football season!

Partner with The Banks to create a tailgate area for UC fans.

Work with UC Athletics to have a bus system to take students to and from the games.

Strengthen our partnership with the local entrepreneurial start up community to support innovative ideas from Bearcats.

Provide startups more funding at UC with the help of students and the local entrepreneurial start up community such as the Brandery and Cintrifuse.

Career Fair unplugged- Working to bring entrepreneurs to campus through a networking and educational event.

Partner with the local International Chambers of Commerce for internship and networking opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

We have an abundant number of organizations in the City of Cincinnati that we will work with to increase job and networking opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

Visit the Findlay Market, Washington Park, or catch a show at Music Hall with transportation provided by the Metro at discounted rates for students with an “Explore Cincinnati” Route.

Promote the Metro’s student rates and discounts.

Further develop the BTS experience by providing more access to downtown and the surrounding community.

Bring local Cincinnati restaurants and businesses to UC’s campus. 

Rejuvenate the Clifton area by adding UC spirit. Know you are entering Bearcat territory.

Add banners and marketing to the surrounding area so that when driving off 71 or 75, know you are nearing the University of Cincinnati. 

Let's Get Together

One university calendar. One website. All UC events.

Create a calendar with all events: everything from CCM musicals and DAAP fashion shows to Tribunal meetings and community service opportunities to make your UC experience more eventful.

Give students even more access to Student Government through town hall meetings and newsletters.

We’ll have a monthly student government newsletter so students are more in the know about things that are happening around UC and Town Hall meetings for students to speak their mind.

Concentrate on recruitment diversity. 

Diversity is integral to innovation for the University and progress for all of us. We will work with Admissions and other offices focusing on diversity to recruit students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Implement a monthly spotlight of a different culture on MainStreet including music, dance, and food.

We represent numerous countries and countless cultures so we’ll take a greater look at different cultures, exploring their music, dances and foods on MainStreet!

Enhance advocacy and support of the LGBTQ community.

Bearcats supporting Bearcats is important to us. We will work closely with affiliated student organizations and offices to better unify and support our diverse body of students.

Work with UC’s branch campuses to ensure that all students feel welcomed at the university.

Increase the awareness of the Mentorship Program at Clermont College.

Campus bus rides to Paul Brown for football games.

Create a service event tailored to connecting the branch campuses with main campus.

Improve the opportunity for students on branch campuses to be involved with main campus events and student organizations.

More frequent late-night BTS times. 

Right at Your Door

Establish the Creative Collaboration Center.

Have a great idea and want to find a partner? Want to display your artwork? Play an instrument? Visit the Creative Collaboration Center for inspiration!

A resource for students on campus to show off their work and seek students to partner with on ideas that they are passionate about. For instance, find band mates, a new business partner, a new student group. 

Create more organic and locally grown food options on campus.

Eating organic food is pure food, free of chemical additives.

Install water bottle filling stations around campus.

Our sister campus, Clermont, has put water bottle stations around campus. We will join them in this endeavor to become an even more sustainably friendly University. Help us reduce energy waste and promote a conscious student lifestyle by using refillable water bottles.

Implement a texting service for NightRide. Text them, and they’ll come pick you up!

Text NightRide your name, pick-up and drop-off locations and they'll be there to pick you up!

Organize a Professor Evaluations Committee to create student-based recommendations to increase student-faculty transparency.

Every college at the University of Cincinnati has a different process for administering and analyzing professor evaluations. We will create a committee to explore these different processes and recommend appropriate action.

Provide support and offer safe outlets to sexual assault survivors. 

Keep On Truckin’ 

Establish and promote an International student mentoring program.

Let’s bridge the gap between international students and local students to create a tighter knit family. We will focus on building relationships between peers and the international students to engage students for a longer period of time and make UC be a home for everyone.

Increase lighting off campus to help ensure safety of our students.

Not only do we want to increase lighting between campus and Short Vine around Jefferson and Down Lyon Street, but also look into opportunities to increase Blue Help Phone presence off-campus. 

Continue strengthening educational safety initiatives around campus. 

Earlier this year, Santa Ono and the Cincinnati Police Department wrote a letter to the judges of Cincinnati to help prevent crime from the courtroom. We will continue work with administration and the city of Cincinnati to push more signage around campus, improve the visibility of UCPD, and increase surveillance across campus. 

Promote the Cincinnati Safe Student Housing Initiative to students and encourage landlords to participate.

This initiative, created last year, encourages landlords to receive fire inspections on the houses they own and rent. We want to increase the awareness of this program to both students and landlords in order to protect students in their home away from home.

Circulate the New York Times for free around on campus.

Pick up the second largest newspaper in the United States right outside your classroom, for free!