Senate Platforms

Johnathan Avant
“Building a Healthier Community”

Building a Healthier Community through Getting Active

Implement “My Active Plan” in the Recreational Center. Everyone exercises at their own pace, so let’s create some effective routines tailored to UC students. By collaborating with the Athletics Department and Health-centered offices on campus, we will create routine cards that students can follow for safe effective workouts.

Build a Healthier Community through Diversity

Encourage student groups to host their events and meetings in other cool locations on campus not normally utilized by their organization (i.e. AACRC, DAAP, LGBTQ Center, Teacher’s College, etc.) · “Celebrate Your Heritage Week.” With the eclectic group of students UC houses, Student Government will host in collaboration with UC International a week dedicated to learning about your roots and the roots of your fellow Bearcats. Encourage students to get involved with organizations outside of their cultural norms.

Build a Healthier Community through Sustainability

Sustainability groups are doing a great job with their current initiatives. Let’s be supportive and make ourselves accountable to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Build a Healthier Community through Social Experiences

Raffle Program for attend other UC Sporting Events besides Football and Basketball Host Monthly Student Government “Mixers on MainStreet” where students can meet their elected officials, learn about what Student Government is doing, and grab a snack!

Emily Heine

Student Involvement:

  • Hold additional club/organization fairs to motivate student involvement
  • Offer prize incentives to attend fairs
  • Competition for new campus artworks
  • ROTC Honorary Day
  • Campus decorations during holidays


  • Senior Class Honorary Event
  • Increase awareness about research availability and opportunities


  • Increase support for less-attended events
  • More Meet the Athletes events
  • Game Day giveaways


  • Improve International Student’s integration and involvement
  • Diversity Celebration Week


  • Earth Week Recycling competition between residence halls, Greek Life, Clubs
  • More recycling bins in residence halls
  • Compost machine for Center Court trash; use soil in landscaping
  • Bring Generation Waking Up Conference to campus

Alex Shelton

Safety of Students
As an At-Large Senator I will work to increase safety, on and around campus through a variety of ways. I am going to push for more signage around campus, as well as improved lighting, especially for off campus areas. I am also going to work with the BTS and NightRide in order to increase the number of vehicles at a given time, as well as extending or adding times for the transportation system. Also, I am looking to increase relations between UC and UCPD, as well as UC and Cincinnati Police, in order to help ensure the safety of all students.

Increased Transparency
The University of Cincinnati offers some of the best transportation, campus activities and opportunities in the nation. However, many of these are overlooked by students. As an At-Large Senator I will focus on improving the transparency across campus. This can be done through workshops, information sessions, or improved communication including emails, blackboard, and Bearcast radio.

Community Engagement
This issue can be addressed both on and off the campus. On campus I am going to push for increased Bearcat spirit. With top ranked athletic programs I will push for more student trips to Bearcat games. I would also like to increase on campus engagement opportunities for commuting students. Outside of campus I would like to make Downtown and Newport more accessible to students. I will also work to increase beautification around the Cincinnati area.

Matt Goldenberg
Improve advising and UC's IT infrastructure.

Kelechi Agomuo

Student Relations Communication
One way to build better student relations amongst students at the University is to increase our communication with the students. Some students are left unaware of the programs and things that are available to them here on campus. If we could somehow raise awareness about the resources we have here on campus, such as our free tutors, our math help center, and the many other free resources and programs that students rarely seem to take advantage of.

Students want to feel a bond with their University. One way to do that is to create a sense of community within the University. If we had more University-wide events, where the student body as a whole comes together, this would increase our sense of community. One proposition would be either having more concerts or more festivals on Sigma Sigma.

Diversity & International Students
International Students rarely are involved in many of the clubs and activities that take place on campus. We need to reach out to the international student population and get them involved with the many things that take place on campus. Doing this would make it easier to bond with the international students on campus and would make our campus and groups more diverse.

Safety & Lights
Simple things that could be done to increase the safety on campus is more on-campus lighting. On the perimeter of campus, especially around Jefferson Ave, there is very poor the lighting. Adding more lighting around streets that students use frequently to get to their off campus housing would reduce crime by a large margin.

Jessica Gearhart

Mitchell Phelps


  • Help Create a Diversity Seminar
  • Make a Mid-College diversity scholarship to encourage minority students


  • Install a Campus-Wide Good Samaritans’ Policy
  • Create an on Campus Emergency Medical System


  • Implement a “UC Takes over Downtown” day
  • Increase Student Involvement with Student Alumni Council (SAC)
  • Push toward a commuter friendly campus area


  • Place focus on strengthening relationships with International Students at UC
  • Create stronger bonds between Student Athletes and Non-Student Athletes

Andrew Naab


  • We will hold forums with the area community councils as well as regional universities to order to further establish an open means of communication.
  • TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) Training Seminars will be offered to student groups as well as off-campus housing communities so all can confront conflict in an appropriate manner.


  • Senate Meeting Rotation will continue for Student Senate to take our meetings to a different location on campus twice a semester to try and build relationships with more students then be able to, after the meeting, have coffee and talk to students in a casual atmosphere.
  • Structuring Student Group Visits will be continued to ensure Student Government members are visiting their constituents to get feedback as well as to inform every one of current projects that are being worked on.

Student Services

  • Tablet Readership Program- We will pilot tablet rental programs at Langsam Library in an effort engage with e-media and familiarize more of the UC community with this technology.
  • Bearcat Professional Closet- We will create a free, professional closet for all students to be able to use as you prepare for interviews and different experiences UC has to offer.
  • Continued relationship with UC Libraries to offer extended hours during midterm week, as well as increased conversion of faculty work rooms to student study rooms to offer quiet and convenient group work rooms.

Sustainability and Innovation

  • Install Lucid Energy Monitors in the residence halls as well as other building on campus so students can always see their energy usage.
  • Continue to Centralize Recycling Information to let students know how to get a recycling bin for their places of residency.


  • All University Scholarship Week to remind the importance of spirit in your academic work. We will work with the individual college tribunals as well as many different offices to centralize resources so you can take advantage of them.
  • On and Off Campus Banners- UPDATE- The banners were designed by Planning +Construction +Design and were hung in McMicken Circle. We are in the process of designing them for Main Street.
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