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Look out for SABers on campus encouraging the student body to GET ACTIVE. The Student Activities Board is hoping that you  are getting involved on campus. If you have any questions about a student organization to join, please contact a member of the Student Activities Board by email, calling the office, or stopping into either 655 or 455 Steger.

sab [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu or 513-556-6103

Working cooperatively with the Program Coordinator for Student Organizations in the Student Activities and Leadership Development Office and Student Government, the purpose of the Student Activities Board is threefold: the registration, promotion and regulation of student groups. 

Upcoming SAB Events:


-Presidential Luncheon 3/5/14 African American Cultural and Resource Center




-CSI April 3, 2014 TUC Great Hall


·Campus Life Awards

Registration:  ALL  returning Student Organizations MUST register with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.  Fully registered Student Organizations must complete the process listed below:

  • Completion of the On-line application (officer information, updated roster, and constitution and bylaws based on current university policies and procedures)
  • Submission of Student Group Verification Form
  • Attendance at the Student Group Training Workshop

Promotion: SAB hosts annual events to assist in the recruitment, development and recognition of each student organizations.  Such events include the Fall and Spring Organizations Fair, the Activus Book and the Celebration of Student Involvement Banquet.

Regulation: SAB regulates in accordance with various university policies and works with newly formed groups or leaders so they may achieve an organized, positive and enriching experience. 

The SAB office is located in 655 Steger Student Life Center in the Student Government Office.


Graduate Student Organizations


- Must register with the Graduate Student Government Association

- Attend a Student Group Training workshop (Student Group Policy portion only)

- Update their online information (Officers, Constitution and Bylaws, and Roster)



Undergraduate Student Organizations


In order to be a fully accepted group, all of the items listed below must be completed:


-  On-line application (update officer information roster, constitution and bylaws)

-  Submission of Student Group Verification Form

-  Attendance at the Student Group Training Workshop



Student Group Training Workshop Dates





Thursday, February 27, 2014








o   Friday, February 28, 2014








o   Tuesday, March, 4, 2014








o   Wednesday, March 5, 2014 -4pm








o   Monday, March 10, 2014-3pm








o   Monday, March 24, 2014-6pm








o   Monday, March 31, 2014-








o   Wednesday, April 2, 2014








o   Friday, April 7, 2014







Check out the Student Activities & Leadership Development Page Here