Senate Bills

Title Download Status Authors
S.13-A-035 Student Trustee Advertisements passed Joseph Blizzard
S.13-R-014 Parking Negotiations passed Dan Traicoff, James Avant IV, Lane Hart, Ryan Ponti-Zins
S.13-A-036 Crosstown Helpout passed Luci Simon, Andrew Pfriem, Hannah Greene, Drew Harmon
S.13-A-037 Cincinnati Public School Outreach passed Kathleen Hurley, Ryan Ponti-Zins
S.13-A-038 Elect Her passed Kathleen Hurley, Hannah Randolph, Manoj Ambalavanan
S.13-A-039 Ballin' for Abilities passed Sabrina Johnson, Sara Whitestone, Bryan Scheck
S.13-R-015 Real Food Challenge passed Kathleen Hurley, Page Kagafas
S.13-A-040 Black Girls Rock passed Sabrina Johnson, Lane Hart, James Avant IV, Tia Garcia
S.13-A-041 Playdate with the Bearcats passed Sabrina Johnson, Lane Hart
S.13-A-042 Debate Watch Party failed Lane Hart, Maesa Idries
S.13-A-043 CDM passed Andrew Naab, Stephanie Kenning
S.13-R-016 Smoking Policy Action passed Rudy Saunders, Aaron Rumberg, Jody McGraw, Mathew Goldenburg, Alana Sudberry, Michael Elliot, James Avant IV
S.13-A-044 EFC Budget passed Tyler Behymer, Maesa Idries
S.13-A-045 AACRC Senate Meeting passed Andrew Naab, Lane Hart, Joseph Blizzard
S.13-A-046 Budget Reappropriation no action Zachary Nieberding, Aaron Rumberg, Rachel Roberts, Hilary Misdom, Jessica Gearhart, Matt Meriweather
S.13-R-017-1 Self Defense Seminar passed Joseph Blizzard, Josh Kellam
S.13-E-004 CON Tribunal Constitution and Bylaws passed Rachel Roberts, Hilary Misdom, Felinda Kidd, Michael Winter
S.13-A-048 Ally Day Grill Out passed Dan Traicoff, Sabrina Johnson
S.13-A-049 Relay for Life passed Jessica Gearhart, Megan Kelley
S.13-A-050 METRO CWEST Talent Show passed Andrew Naab, Phil Dinovo
S.13-R-017-2 Campus Ash Trays passed Rudy Saunders, Andrew Naab, Gage Woolley, Jody McGraw, Lane Hart
S.13-R-018 Meal Plan Changes passed Maesa Idries, Joseph Blizzard, Lane Hart, Andrew Naab
S.13-R-019 Student Email System passed Lane Hart, Tom Bachmann, Christina Beer, Vincent Coleman
S.13-R-020 College Tribunal Offices passed Rudy Saunders, Lane Hart, Rachel Roberts, Felinda Kidd, Emillie Triot, Cody Clark, Tyler Behymer, Hilary Misdom, Vincent Coleman, Jody McGraw, Gage Woolley, Jessica Gearhart, Maesa Idries, Brendan Carr
S.13-A-051 Conference Room Upgrade passed Lane Hart, Maesa Idries, Joseph Blizzard, Andrew Naab, Kathleen Hurley, Rachel Roberts
S.13-A-052 Diversity Games passed Matt Meriweather, Jen St. John
S.13-R-021 Black History Month passed Sabrina Johnson, James Avant IV, Kathleen Hurley, Tia Garcia, Edderra Jenkins
S.13-R-022 RAPP and ARJ passed Lane Hart, Maesa Idries, Gregory Gamble, Shyamal Ruparel, Rebecca Lehman, Jamieson Williams
S.13-A-053 OSGA Spring Meeting passed Lane Hart, Shyamal Ruparel
S.13-A-054 Electronic Lock passed Maesa Idries, Lane Hart, Rachel Roberts
S.13-A-055 Governmental Leadership Summit passed Kathleen Hurley, Arnold Finkbine
S.13-R-023 Tribunal Leadership Council tabled Vincent Coleman, Jody McGraw, Rudy Saunders, Tyler Behymer, Hilary Misdom, Zachariah Francis
S.13-A-057 Beyond Civility passed Luci Simon, Lane Hart, Andrew Naab
S.13-A-056 Diversity Conference passed Sabrina Johnson, Tia Garcia, Dan Traicoff, Bryan Scheck, Vincent Coleman, Kathleen Hurley, Sally Amkoa, Rebecca Bogard
S.13-A-058 PAC Spring Concert passed Maesa Idries, Jaclyn Hyde, Gage Woolley, Kyle Fant
S.13-A-059 Transitions Retreat passed Kathleen Hurley, Lane Hart, Maesa Idries, Rachel Roberts, Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde
S.13-A-060 Clifton Arc passed Andrew Naab, Zachary Nieberding, Gregory Gamble
S.13-R-024 Preferred Name Policy passed Sabrina Johnson, Lane Hart, Dan Traicoff, Owen Riley
S.13-R-025 Goetz House passed Andrew Naab
S.13-R-026 Styrofoam Ussage passed Andrew Naab, Lane Hart, Mark Schutte, Joseph Blizzard, Nick Pavlak, Maggie Murphy, Michael McMahon, Lauren Blake, Megan Chambers, Alexander Shelton, Page Kagafas
S.13-R-027 CPR/AED Training tabled Josh Kellam, Vincent Coleman, Margaret Daly, Mathew Goldenburg, Sabrina Johnson, Christopher Herlinger
S.13-R-028 Party for a Cause passed Hilary Misdom, Felinda Kidd, Vincent Coleman, Tyler Behymer, Gregory Gamble, Courtney Clark, Michael Winter
S.13-E-005 LCB SAT Tribunal Constitution and Bylaws passed Anurag Gogineni, Nicholas Partie
S.13-E-006 CEAS Tribunal Constitution and Bylaws passed Cody Clark, Aaron Rumberg
S.13-E-007 SAB Constitution and Bylaws passed Trevor Smith, Evan Holten
S.13-E-010 A&S Constitution & Bylaw Revision passed Gregory Gamble, Vincent Coleman, Courtney Clark, Nick Weimer
S.13-R-029 Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act passed Mike Rodmaker, Andrew Naab
S.13-E-008 SG Bylaw Revisions passed Kathleen Hurley, Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde, Rudy Saunders, Christina Beer
S.13-E-009 UFB Criteria AY 2013-2014 passed Matt Meriweather, Rachel Roberts
S.14-A-004 Alternate Senate Meeting Locations passed Kathleen Hurley, Andrew Naab