Senate Bills

Title Download Status Authors
S.14-A-001 Illinois Football Bus Trip passed Meghan Logue, Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde
S.14-A-002 Welcome Weekend Dance Party passed Shivam Shah, James Avant IV
S.14-A-003 First Directions passed Kathleen Hurley, Joseph Blizzard, Christina Beer, Jaclyn Hyde, Rudy Saunders
S.14-E-001 Vacancies in Office for Members of Student Senate tabled Joseph Blizzard, Kathleen Hurley, Jaclyn Hyde, Rudy Saunders
S.14-E-002 EFC Bylaw Changes tabled Tyler Behymer, Jaclyn Hyde, Joseph Blizzard, Andrew Pfriem, Allison Lakes, Kathleen Hurley, Carolyn Johnson, Vincent Coleman, Katie Mack, Andrew Griggs, Rudy Saunders
S.14-R-001 Football Team Alma Mater passed Aaron Sykes, Joseph Blizzard, Meghan Logue, Alex Schauer, Ben Lozar
S.14-A-005 Battle for the Bat passed Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde
S.14-A-006 METRO Bus Trip passed Jonathan Ruther, Joseph Blizzard
S.14-A-008 Nearly Naked Mile passed Joseph Blizzard, Bryan Buechner, Ryan Samarakoon
S.14-A-010 Bearcat Fridays passed Meghan Logue, Aaron Sykes, Alex Schauer, Eric Smith
S.14-A-007 2013 Connect Conference passed Kathleen Hurley, Luci Simon, Regan Noppenberger, Jaclyn Hyde, Gabrielle Mills
S.14-A-009 2013 Fall Ball tabled Sarah Clem, Kathleen Hurley, Regan Noppenberger, Andrew Naab
S.14-A-013 UC Tech Exhibit passed Aaron Sykes, Priya Chawla, Shivam Shah, Tobi Akomolede, Jeff Nainaparampil
S.14-A-011 SG Application failed Priya Chawla, Jeff Nainaparampil, Aaron Sykes, Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde
S.14-A-012 Sustainability T-shirts Charles Marxem, Ryan Ponti-Zins, Aaron Sykes, Jaclyn Hyde
S.14-A-015 UC Wheels passed Bryan Scheck, Sara Whitestone, Jaclyn Hyde, Aaron Sykes
S.14-R-002 Concerning the promotional aspect of SAB and #BeSomebody Campaign passed Jessica Gearhart, Trevor Smith
S.13-E-004 SSB Constitution & Bylaw Ratification Joshua Kellam
S.13-A-018 An International Taste passed Vincent Coleman
S.13-A-017 Chalk Board Project passed Vincent Coleman, Joseph Blizzard
S.14-A-019 SG Outreach Week passed Aaron Sykes, Andrew Griggs, Andrew Naab, Allison Lakes, Jen St. John, Lillian Santa Maria, Liz Delozier, Evan Holten, Molly Mullinger, Tobi Akomolede, Vincent Coleman
S.14-A-021 Concerning the 6th Annual Cincinnati Dance Marathon tabled Trevor Smith
S.13-E-004 2014 Election Rules and Outline tabled Joshua Kellam, Jaclyn Hyde, Sarah Carpenter
S.14-R-009 SG Strategic Plan Proposal no action Aaron Sykes, Andrew Griggs, Kathleen Hurley, Shivam Shah, Joseph Blizzard
S.14-A-024 Relay for Life no action Christina Beer, Shyamal Ruparel, Alleen Pinder, Meghan Cappel, Sean Lawson
S.14-R-010 UniTransit passed
S.14-E-007 UFB Bylaws and Constitution no action Midhun Shanmuganathan, Aziza Banerjee, Elizabeth Delozier, Shivam Shah
S.14-A-025 Mitch's Mission: Playdate with the Bearcats Mitchell Phelps, Brooke Motsinger, Joseph Blizzard
S.14-A-028 Bearcats 101 no action Joseph Blizzard, Brandon Trame, Shyamal Ruparel
S.14-A-026 Concerning the Association for Computing Machinery and Student Government UC Invents Idea Competition (“UC Invents”) no action Tobi Akomolede
S.14-A-027 Project Unbreakable no action Hannah Kenny, Hannah Randolph
S.14-A-029 Black Girls Rock no action Vincent Coleman
S.14-A-030 UC Talent Show no action Jon Ruther, Joseph Blizzard
S.14-A-031 2014 Elections Facilitation Committee Appropriations passed Tyler Behymer, Jaclyn Hyde
S.13-A-061 S.13-A-061 Blue Jean Brunch passed Liz Delozier, Chizi Igwe, Andrew Pfriem
S.14-R-012 Concerning the Use of College Tribunal Rollover Funding Rudy Saunders
S.14-R-013 Concerning the Funding of a CCM Tribunal Masterclass no action Rudy Saunders, Katherine Rossiter
S.14-R-011 House Bill 405: STEM Tax Credit Joseph Blizzard, Jaclyn Hyde, Mitchell Phelps, Ben Keefe, Christina Beer, Rudy Saunders, Brooke Mot, Hannah Randolph, Kathleen Hurley
S.14-R-014 Concerning computers for a computer lab for the Undergraduate College of Nursing no action Hilary Misdom
S.14-E-008 2014-2015 UFB Criteria, Bylaws and Constitution no action Midhun Shanmuganathan, Aziza Banerjee, Elizabeth Delozier
S.14-A-032 Basketball Blowout no action Aaron Sykes, Joe Scherpenberg, Nathan Budd, Eric Smith
S.14-A-034 EFC Elections Inauguration
S.14-R-016 Concerning Support of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act no action Rudy Saunders, Gage Woolley
S.14-R-017 Concerning the Re-Implementation of a Crosswalk on Clifton Avenue at the Base of McMicken Steps no action Rudy Saunders, Chris Conway, Simon Burkert, Andrew Naab, Sara Whitestone, Carolyn Johnson, Sam Schroeder
S.14-A-035 Student Activities Venue Additions no action Aaron Sykes, Andrew Griggs, Lane Hart, Nick Hertlein
S.14-R-019 HB 392 passed Christina Beer, Mitchell Phelps, Josh Kellam
S.14-R-020 Concerning Student Safety Week no action Simon Burkhardt
S.14-R-021 Concerning the Creation, Maintenance, and Restructuring of Student Fees no action Andrew Naab
S.14-R-022 Concerning the Creation of a Men’s Mental Health Program at the University of Cincinnati no action Andrew Naab
S.14-A-037 NightRide 10000 in April no action Midhun Shanmuganathan, Matthew Goldenberg