Student Senate exists as the legislative branch of the Undergraduate Student Government. Most of the projects and legislation produced by Senate is researched and reviewed in four major committees: Campus Life, Student Rights & Interests, Academic Issues, and Governmental Affairs. Although ad-hoc committees are commonly called on, these four committees are charged with the common responsibilities of the Student Senate.

Fall Semester 2015 committee meetings begin the first week of class. Committee membership and meetings are open to all students at UC. If you're interested in joining a committee, contact the committee chair listed below, or attend one of the regular meetings:

  • Campus Life
    • Fall Semester 2015 Meetings
      • Time: Mondays at 5:00 PM
      • Location: TUC 423
    • Committee Chair
      • Jackie Mulay (mulayjs [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu)
  • Student Rights and Interests
    • Fall Semester 2015 Meetings
      • Time: Mondays at 6:00 PM
      • Location: TUC 413
    • Committee Chair
      • Colin Baker (baker2cc [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu)
  • Academic Issues
    • Fall Semester 2015 Meetings
      • Time: Thursdays at 6:00 PM
      • Location: Student Government Office, 655 Steger
    • Committee Chair
      • Danny O'Connor (oconnodt [at] mailuc [dot] edu)
  • Governmental Affairs
    • Fall Semester 2015 Meetings
      • Time: Mondays at 8:00 PM
      • Location: 413 TUC
    • Committee Chair
      • Elysse Winget (wingetem [at] mail [dot] uc [dot] edu)

Ad-hoc committees include: