Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan Committee will meet every Thursday at 5pm during Spring Semester (2014).  Meetings will be held in TUC 417, except on Feb 6th & 27th that will be in TUC Cinema.  Please contact sykesaj [at] gmail [dot] com (Aaron Sykes) for further info. 
What is a strategic plan?
People who write down their goals are proven to be more successful at accomplishing them than those who do not. Successful businesses plan to hit targets years in advance. One medium through which organizations do this is a strategic plan.
A strategic planning is "a systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them." In other words, an organization looks to where it wants to go, determines how to get there, and then writes it down.
What will Student Government's strategic plan look like?
Student Government's strategic plan will be a living document, updated yearly. Less focus will be placed on metrics, and more emphasis will be placed on broader principles and initiatives. Because objectives may take 5 years to accomplish, goals will be passed down to committees or small bodies, not individuals.
What is the process for generating a strategic plan?
Many methodologies can be adopted when drafting a strategic plan. Our method will 1) focus on larger "principles," 2) generate subset "objectives" and 3) flesh out "initiatives" which fall under each objective. Prior documentation from retreats and events will be used to guide discussion. Our methodology will also employ basic SWOT analysis.