Framework For Covington Hospitality District

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Framework For Covington Hospitality District


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Summary of Project: 

In the winter 2012, student work from the Place Matters cycle was focused on Covington where interdisciplinary student teams collaborated with the City of Covington administration and Professional Designers to create a Center City Plan. Covington suffers from significant physical, social, and economic disadvantages but remain important strategically to the viability of our urban center. The students analyzed the area to develop the framework plans and urban design plans. This redevelopment plan focused on locating new businesses and aesthetic improvements in the city.

Description of Project: 

Vision Statement
Covington’s hospitality and fast food district is currently a mix of retail, restaurants, hotels, and parking lots that are auto oriented for easy access from the interstate. With the reconfiguartion of the Brent Spence Bridge access to this area will be impacted making it less accessible to interstate traffic.  To make this area stronger in the future, redevelopment will focus on locating new businesses and aesthetic improvements that are attractive to residents  and guests. To accomplish these goals connectivity of the road network will need to be improved for the new bridge. Great streets/ complete streets are also needed to make the area more inviting to alternative transportation options.  Connection to the Ohio River waterfront and other parks in the area would also make the area more attractive to residents.  Higher density building located along the streets will help to integrate the site with the rest of Covington encouraging more activity in the area from surrounding business and residences.

Reconnaissance Diagrams

Circulation and gateways are important to attracting people to the site. A balance between interstate business and local shoppers is the goal for a improved hospitality area.

Commercial/ Office
The site is located in close proximity to the main commercial areas in Covington which makes it a good option for lunch and business guests staying in Covington.

The site is located in close proximity to the Mainstasse and Mutter Gottes neighborhoods. Redevelopment could look to expand housing and provide amenities for current housing.

Green Space
Greater access to the riverfront and greenspace is a livability principle currently lacking in the site, but close proximity to Covington’s green space make this an attainable goal for development

Shows the relationship between the different livability principles and guides future development