Pike Street Corridor: Covington's Arts and Live+Work Initiative

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Pike Street Corridor: Covington's Arts and Live+Work Initiative


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Summary of Project: 

In the winter 2012, student work from the Place Matters cycle was focused on Covington where interdisciplinary student teams collaborated with the City of Covington administration and Professional Designers to create a Center City Plan. Covington suffers from significant physical, social, and economic disadvantages but remain important strategically to the viability of our urban center. The students analyzed the area to develop the framework plans and urban design plans. This project created and promoted Pike Street as an Arts and Live+Work Corridor by implementing initiatives that support local businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs; in return, increasing the livability and fostering a unique living experience in Covington.

Description of Project: 


Zone 1 Plan
Zone one is located around the intersection of Pike Street with Seventh Street and Washington Avenue. This triangular intersection is the location of Duveneck Park, which is considered a community asset. This intersection has the ability to become a gateway and Live+Work center for the entire Pike Street Corridor. I have envisioned for the area an expansion of the pedestrian zone to enable community events and festivals to take place in the street. Also, a long term new construction Live+Work site is designed at the location of two large surface parking lots.

Zone 2 Plan
Zone 2 occupies the section of Pike Street that extends from west of the railroad until Greer Street. The Carlisle School sits on the south side of street, creating a unbalanced street section, with two-three story commercial buildings located on the north side. This proposal take the existing moderate to weak property conditions designates them into Live+Work adaptive reuse projects for the short-term and long-term. Vacant parcels are taken as a community asset and converted into public space, which act as outdoor art galleries, cafes, gardens, and green space.

Zone 3 Plan
Zone three is located between the intersection of Main and Greer Streets. The current property condition is weak, with high vacancy rates and vacant parcels. Therefore, I envision a Live+Work campus, which develops vacant lots into new Live+Work spaces and public gathering spaces. With the rise of residents and workers living in the area, I found a need for more public space. Other additions to this section of Pike Street include, improved streetscapes, connections to existing neighborhood amenities and expanding pedestrian zones.

Next Steps:

Neighborhood Services
With more residents living and working along Pike Street, there will be a higher demand for neighborhood services, which include markets, cafes, doctor’s offces, etc. These services are currently absent along Pike Street, and must be addressed to accommodate more full-time residents.

Public space
Accomodating functional public space will be important in order for residents to live and work in the area. Spaces such as parks, community gardens, plazas, etc. are currently underepresented in order to support more daytime and nightime residents.

Access to Transit
Live+Work communities eliminate commuting to work; therefore, the city must invest in effective transit opportunities. As the street population increases, improving bus stops, signage, sidewalks, and bike routes will become a necessity.

In order for an arts and Live+Work community to thrive, there must be a marketing campaign to attract newcomers. Advertising, signage, branding, and community engagement are all ways in which Covington can spread the idea of a Live+Work concept along Pike Street.